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The Smallz

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Tikun Olam

A SHARED MISSION OF WELLNESS In collaboration with Tikun Olam, the global leader in medical and adult-use wellness cannabis products, Pincanna will produce Tikun’s world-renowned proprietary cannabis strains in Michigan. Since 2010, Tikun’s products have been used in ongoing medical research and clinical trials conducted in Israel’s regulated medical cannabis market, treating patients with conditions […]


Radicle Genetics

AN EXPERIENCED TEAM BREEDS AWARD WINNING GENETICS Radicle Genetics was founded in 2015 by seven Michigan natives, with a mission to bring a scientific approach to cannabis, focusing on the full spectrum. The team has a collective 80 years of cultivation experience and has won more than 50 cannabis cups. Its members pride themselves on […]



CULTIVATING THE BEST OF THE BEST Our Green P represents quality, experience, and award winning genetics. With our premium cultivation spaces in full bloom, we are excited to share the “Best of the Best” of our Pincanna harvest with you. Fresh from our Farm in Pinconning, we’re proud to offer the finest of cannabis products, […]


Michigan Organic Rub

A FAST ACTION FORMULATION CREATED FOR LONG LASTING PAIN RELIEF Michigan Organic Rub is an all organic cannabis oil infused balm which provides relief for those suffering from nerve pain, joint pain, muscle pain, arthritis, headaches, and various skin ailments. Michigan Organic Rub’s products were created out of necessity by its founder, Vince Volovlek, who […]



CELEBRATING THE MICHIGAN CANNABIS INDUSTRY A celebration of the Michigan cannabis industry, High 5 is a great choice for everyday consumption. Grown in our state-of-the-art greenhouses, High 5 cannabis is offered in a variety of forms – flower, prerolls and edibles. These value-oriented products offer an option for high-grade cannabis, at an affordable price.


Funky Extracts

ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF EDIBLES MADE WITH FULL SPECTRUM CANNABIS OIL Funky Extracts blends culture, independence and vision to create premium cannabis edibles in a variety of flavors. Funky Extracts‘ Gummies are handcrafted by Ju Juan Coleman, known as “Funk”, in our processing facility located on the grounds of the Pincanna Farm in Pinconning, Michigan. […]


Full Spectrum Extracts

THE MAGIC IS THE MICROS Award-winning Full Spectrum Oil was founded in 2016 to provide clean and high-quality concentrates to medical patients that needed a higher potency alternative to traditional flower. Today, Full Spectrum focuses on producing flavorful concentrates for both the medical and recreational markets. Look for the colorful Full Spectrum logo on Live […]


Darren McCarty

#25 DARREN MCCARTY’S OWN BRAND OF MEDICAL AND RECREATIONAL CANNABIS + CBD PRODUCTS After years of believing in the use of medical and recreational cannabis, Detroit Red Wings four-time Stanley Cup Champion, Darren McCarty, has developed his own brand of cannabis products, in collaboration with Pincanna. Darren personally selects and tests each of his products, […]



CHEMDOG’S ‘MAGIC SEEDS’ COME TO LIFE Chemdog’s legendary story in the cannabis world originated from a fateful meeting, in 1991, at a Grateful Dead concert in Deer Creek, Indiana. This is when Chemdog, also known as Chem, found 13 magic seeds in flower he had purchased and decided to cultivate them. As a result of it’s […]



Elite Cannabis strains to elevate your experience Showcasing its exclusive partnership with Cannarado Genetics, the Pincanna team is proud to cultivate some of the most elite cannabis strains in the world. Based in Colorado, Cannarado is one of the hottest seed breeders in the market, and is known for its quality and consistency. Dispensaries across […]


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